Katherine Ray

On behalf of the MEMO Conference Organizing Committee, I look forward to welcoming you to Kamloops.  We are excited to be hosting this event in 2019 and showcasing our mining community.  Locally, there are approximately 390 companies that contribute over $218 million to the economy of British Columbia (BC) through the 13 mining operations located throughout the province*.  Mining is and always will be an important part of Kamloops as well as the province of British Columbia and Canada.

I have had the pleasure to have been involved in the mining industry for the past decade and it is my honour to be able to Chair such an exciting event during such a thought provoking time in history.

Our theme this year, “Defining Our Future”, is very fitting for our current world.  Even though we must never forget the past, we must embrace the future as what we do today will affect how we work tomorrow.  Mining has gone through many iterations and we find ourselves in a very innovative time with the increasing use of technology.  We also move forward to being at the forefront of “green technology” with the world watching us.

Our short courses will allow you to gain more knowledge and experience as we brave this new world.  The two days of technical presentations will provide you with the opportunity to learn about many of the new technologies and innovations in the industry, learning from our past experiences and moving into the future. You will also have plenty of time to catch up with old friends and make new ones with the all the social events and activities planned. And, let us not forget about the great line up of tours that we have this year including Highland Valley Copper, New Afton and Molycop.

A very big thank you to all our sponsors.  Without their generosity, we would not be able to hold such events.

Please join me in attending the conference with the kick off on Sunday with the Opening Reception at the Tradeshow.  Let’s celebrate and help us “Define Our Future” in mining.


Katherine Ray
Chair, MEMO Conference 2019

*Taken from the “One Province One Economy” provided by MSABC.

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